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Family Videos

No, not the chain of stores. We're talking about a film of your family doing stuff.

Cute stuff.

Stuff like this

And this

Here's the Deal

Ariel Dilworth of Photos by Ariel and I had been discussing that in this age of instant smartphone access, home videos have faded away into the background. Sure, a 15 second clip here and there is fantastic for those special moments that just randomly happen, but it is rare that a family has a completely genuine video of everyone having fun together in their own element.Knowing this, we decided to once again team up to offer a complete photo/video experience for families. The best part? It's essentially still a family photo session! The only difference is that I am observing with professional film equipment that is later edited together into your own masterpiece. I'm not saying that because the film itself is the best thing ever; I'm saying that because your cute lil' family is a masterpiece and deserves this.

Schedule a family session with Ariel, and let her know that you want a family film add-on!

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