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Jacob Tyler LaMothe-Mason


Oh, hello there. I see that you made it to my bio page. Which means you probably want to know more about what I'm about. It's important to you to know what kind of experiences you will form when you choose to work with another person. After all, 90% of the film making process is the experience. 

You see, I understand the value of any given moment. We are only given so many in our lifetime, so it's best to make the most every one. That is my approach to life, and that is my approach to helping people tell their stories. Making videos should be fun! And the end result should be authentic, effective, and intentional. My intention is for the both of us to look back on our time together with a big grin, and to look at what we made, thinking: "Damn, we nailed it!"


It all started when I was 16. My final project in English class was create a 'Who Am I?' video to share with the class. This was before smartphones, so I went to Wal-Mart and bought a display-model camcorder with a combination of cash, pocket lint, and a gift card I had held on to from Christmas. I shot some footage and threw it together on Windows Movie Maker.

Just kidding! I did get an A on the project, though (I think). The following summer, I convinced my friends to start making sketch videos on YouTube. We had a blast, and they weren't completely terrible. But, sadly, after that summer we had to start working and focusing more on schoolwork. The camera sat on the shelf for quite some time.

I went off to college to study Mechanical Engineering, and developed the analytical problem solving and attention to detail that, surprisingly enough, is essential for effective film making. At the time, though, I was still in the frame of mind that I would give traditional engineering work a try. For the first two years out of college I worked a traditional desk job as an engineer, and I quickly realized it just wasn't for me. Don't get me wrong, the people and the work itself weren't the issue. Sometimes you just know when something is or isn't your calling.

Still kidding. This is the part where I bought DSLR camera, invested a lot of time into online coursework and self-education, and learned by trial and error how to create compelling videos. Now, with 7 years of experience, support from friends, family, and cool people like yourself, I am confident in my ability to make visions & ideas come to life. 

And that's when Hollywood called...

And that's when Hollywood called...

In My Corner:



/Wife, Angel, Hairstylist-extraordinaire

Lexie is my 'numero uno.' My partner in crime. My Bonnie, if you will. We met many years ago, became & remain high school sweethearts, and push each others buttons (in the best way!) on a regular basis. She makes me see things from different perspectives and shows me everyday what love, empathy, and going the extra extra mile for others looks like. Her immense internal strength is an inspiration, and I have grown so much on a personal level because she is in my life. She is amazing!


The Fam

/Meemaw, Natasha, Me, Ma, Dani

Where would I be without my support system? We have been through it all, and I couldn't be more grateful to grow up with them around. I know how to cook because Meemaw taught me how. I learned to follow my passions because Natasha followed hers from day 0. I learned to be a caring, driven young man who goes for the life he wants because my mom raised me to be that way. I learned how to be a role model and be patient by being Dani's older brother. I have a strong foundation, and I have them to thank for it 1000 times over. 

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